TEN the export network advises and supports food companies that are aiming to broaden their horizons. To give the right support it is important to understand what's going on in the international food world. Therefore, we often travel abroad to see how consumers react, to investigate what products are on shelf, to talk to the buyers and learn what motivates them to launch a product. During these trips we talk to people, we encounter different visions, different cultures. We love to share some of these experiences in our travel blogs.

Inspired by nature

The Scandinavian forests appear to be an enormous source of food and inspiration for new dishes. Anny Nyman, biologist and environmental educator, often strolls through the forest together with local food chef Nick Victorzon to find everything nature has to offer. With these ingredients delicious dishes are prepared and traditional recipes are being converted into trendy meals.

In Finland nature is never more than a short ride away and specially in the autumn season many treats like mushrooms, berries, wild greens or fish are within reach. The northern climate, the bright summer nights, the dark and cool winter ‘kaamos’ period appear to offer perfect growth circumstances for plant and animal life. Wild plants are in line with the modern food trends: they are grown locally, offer possibilities for new business opportunities and consequently for new jobs.

In Finland you can hike and pick wild plants in the forests. This has to do with the Finnish ‘everyman’s right’ allowing everybody to collect plants in the forests regardless who owns the property. Not everything is allowed though, for collecting tree shoots for example you need permission from the owner. Especially mushrooms are very popular to collect, but this is a tricky business. Finland counts over 2,000 species of which only 500 are edible. Of course, hunting game is popular too, but you need a permission to do this.

Source: Blue Wings magazine Finnair, september 2017


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