TEN the export network is the food export advice specialist

If you are looking for good advice for your foreign projects, then look no further! The experts of TEN the export network are specialised in providing a top-level tailor-made food export plan.

Services with respect to the export of food and beverages:

Export strategy
Market selection
Partner search
Market entry

Export advice

Advice for the worldwide export of foodstuffs

There is a wide range of factors that you should bear in mind when exporting foodstuffs. With you, we will look at the various stages that should be taken so that we are able to give you effective food export advice that suits the needs of your company. These stages include determining an export strategy, the market selection, partner search, positioning and market entry.

In the process, we will look very critically at the distinctive capacity of your concept, company or service, so that we can assess the likelihood of your international success as accurately as possible. We can also assist you in a follow-up phase when carrying out the plan that has been drawn up.

If you would like to learn more about your chances for export, please contact TEN the export network! We will be pleased to help you.

And that’s where the real work begins!

Being entrepreneurs ourselves we are very well aware of the fact that after this advisory phase the real work still has to begin. In the actual practice you may encounter all kinds of situations that looked so simple from behind your desk. As we at TEN have many years of experience in the international food world and have experienced all those problems ourselves we can add value to our principals especially in this part of the export process. We prefer to support our principals with the implementation of our advice, with setting up new markets, with the search for reliable partners, with the introduction of concepts at the retailers. Look at export process for more information about the implementation of our export advice.

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