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If you are looking for food export advice for your foreign projects, then look no further! The experts of TEN the export network are specialised in providing top-level tailor-made food export advice. With you, we will look at the various stages that should be taken so that we are able to give you effective food export advice that suits the needs of your company. These stages include determining an export strategy, the market selection, partner search, positioning and market entry.

In the process, we will look very critically at the distinctive capacity of your concept, company or service, so that we can assess the likelihood of your international success as accurately as possible. We can also assist you in a follow-up phase when carrying out the plan that has been drawn up.

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Export strategy
Partner search
Market entry

Market selection

Selecting the right export market

How do I select the right export market? This is probably the first question asked by entrepreneurs whenever they think about exporting. But without a proper analysis or well-founded export strategy, it is very hard to answer. However, if it is clear what the distinctive nature of the concept is, what determines its success in its domestic market, and what the strategic directions are, the process of market selection will be a lot easier.

Market selection criteria

Using market selection criteria that we have jointly formulated, we filter markets down to the top ten, with the food export market at the top of the list logically being the one to be entered first. The subsequent approach is determined by the available budget, time, manpower, and the chosen market entry strategy. If you would like help with your food market selection, please contact us to find out what we can do for you!

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