Export advice

If you are looking for food export advice for your foreign projects, then look no further! The experts of TEN the export network are specialised in providing top-level tailor-made food export advice.

In the process, we will look very critically at the distinctive capacity of your concept, company or service, so that we can assess the likelihood of your international success as accurately as possible. We can also assist you in a follow-up phase when carrying out the plan that has been drawn up.

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Partner search

Selecting the right food export partner

The choice of food export partner in other countries is one of the most important factors in the ultimate success of your exports. At the same time, the search for a partner is often the most difficult process – how do you know if a party is reliable and whether they will meet their obligations? Even if you do business with a retailer (or other reseller) directly, it is vital to be aware of their background.

Partner search in a worldwide network

TEN has a large network of food partners worldwide and is able to select the right export partner on the basis of relevant criteria. We reduce a longlist to a shortlist, from which we eventually select the most suitable party. If you wish, we can also assist with the start-up, the drawing up of the contract, and help organise all other logistical, financial, and legal matters. If you think we can help you find a suitable food export partner, please contact us!

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