The actual export process

So now you are ready: your export policies have been drawn up and your international adventure can begin. The work only really gets underway when you have to start managing all the export activities. However, a lack of knowledge, experience or time often means business do not export effectively or efficiently. TEN the export network is specialised in the actual export process, and is in a position to help you manage all the international aspects.

More about the export process:

Optimising export logistics
Setting up marketing and sales
Dealing with intercultural differences
Interim export management

Collaboration with export partners

The importance of working well with others

Selecting the right export partner is an important place to start. However, to achieve the best-possible return from a market, having a continuous and reliable working relationship with this export partner is just as important. Agents and distributors often work for multiple clients so it is essential to make sure your concept is receiving sufficient attention.

Form a team with your export partner

The basis of a good working relationship is mutual trust and commitment to clear objectives. Your foreign export partner functions as your eyes and ears in the market. In other words, you can form a very strong team together. It is important that you get on well with your partner, even though you speak a different language, often both literally and figuratively. A good collaboration contract should contain the objectives that need to be achieved each year. However, it should also state how the parties separate satisfactorily in case the partnership runs aground, without too much loss of face or market share. For HAK, we took the entire export management, including looking for and working with export partners, out of their hands (case history). If you would like us to do something similar for you, we will be pleased to help you!

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