TEN is specialised in food and has years of international experience. In addition, the TEN advisors are themselves entrepreneurs and know better than anyone how to manage different aspects at the same time when running their businesses – how to remain focused on the long term, even when distracted by the day-to-day matters of the business.

Do you have international ambitions but lack the time, knowledge and/or experience? If so, why not meet with us to discuss your company’s opportunities in the international food world? Arrange an introductory meeting without obligation! We will be pleased to see how we can help you and your company.

Free export advice (SIB)

What is SIB (Starters International Business)?

The SIB programme has been set up by the Dutch government for SMEs wishing to start exporting. SIB stands for Starters International Business and is a subsidised coaching programme during which you receive help for four months in preparing an export roadmap. To implement the scheme, the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) works with various organisations, including TEN the export network.

Free SIB roadmap for SMEs

TEN the export network is one of the few companies in the SIB programme that is specialised in food. Do you have international food ambitions but lack the time, knowledge or experience? If so, come and meet us (without obligation)! We can assist you in looking at the opportunities and risks that you face when putting your concept on an international footing. Together, we will then work towards a concrete plan of action. A full SIB grant is available for this, which means that for you the roadmap is completely free of charge.

Would you like to make the most of your food export activities?

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